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Um. Hello, internet?

I'm trying to get my writing muscles back in gear, but I am a little fannishly adrift at present, so nothing is suggesting itself to me. prompt tables what prompt tables

So: if there is a thing that you'd like to see me write (or that you think I would enjoy writing), that should be able to contain itself in commentfic, prompt me! All fandoms that you know I've consumed the canon to are worth at least asking about, though if the canon is a book I am probably going to be weird about writing fic for it because I get hung up on prose style so maybe not things that are only books (books that have been adapted into other media are okay if you are okay with at least some elements of it being from the adaptation). But otherwise.

On that weird middling ground between original and fan fiction: mythologies/folklore/fairy tales are fair game; songs (including contemporary ones) are fair game; I can do Shakespeare only if you let me do it as a ridiculous modern or other-era AU; anything involving real people of any era as anything other than background characters is alas probably out because research.

On ships you do not know whether I sail or not: you can always try?
On ships I definitely am not aboard: if you know this, it is not worth asking. if you do not know, see directions above!

On when things will be done: hopefully this month?

On whether or not I will actually write anything for your prompt ever: I will try! It's possible that for whatever reason it won't grab me, and I am sorry if that's the case. I make no promises.

Suggested prompt contents: fandom, character(s) and/or relationship(s), some kind of actual prompt (quote/image/scenario/AU type/whatever)

The more specific you are the more likely I am to stop staring aimlessly into space and actually do something, since specificity is better than "I should write something but there are SO MANY THINGS that I could be!", so, y'know.

ETA: There is now a thread for questions as the first comment in each version of this post! If you would like to know whether I know a thing/like a ship/whatever, there you are! If you have some other question, there you also are!

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