nonisland (non_island) wrote,

Oh look, another bingo card!

Progress made on [community profile] trope_bingo: 0

[community profile] cottoncandy_bingo cards acquired: 1
Progress made on [community profile] cottoncandy_bingo: 0

(Did I tweak my card so it would match the [community profile] trope_bingo format because I liked that one a little better? ...maybe.)

match sharing language / words pretend couple becomes real nightmares
ordinary day candles locked out telescope feathers
engaged / betrothed (or equivalent) four seasons
(one or all)
WILD CARD intimate glitter / sparkles
characters as children play shelter clouds social gathering
comfort acceptance sound pillow / blanket fort distance

I ought to have clever plans but I presently do not. (No, not even for the one I specifically requested, language/words; I wanted it and I figured I would make a plan later.) Although, hey, fake dating, I am absolutely here for that.

(Actually, I lie, I have a very tentative possibility for the engaged/betrothed one. If I can figure it out, and if it turns out sufficiently fluffy.)

...why am I so fond of bingo cards and prompt tables, again? *flails around in circles*

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Tags: .master table, table: cotton candy bingo, table: cotton candy bingo: round 2

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