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Or, Things I Need To Do On My Summer Vacation

1.) Atlantis (BBC): Finish the things I'm currently working on before they escape me and are lost forever until I shell out for the DVDs/Netflix Instant or Hulu picks it up. (Curse you, internets, for not getting around to going "hey, this is how to watch streaming video on the BBC website if you're not in the UK!" until Sherlock s3 began. Curse you, BBC, for taking Atlantis down three days later so I had to watch all of s1 in a few days while doing a major houseclean and therefore had no time to rewatch or transcribe anything.)

The Things I Am Currently Working On contain spoilers for the show, obviously, so I won't summarize them here, but there are three of them (one of them is femslash, if nobody beats me to finishing/posting it I will be the first person in this fandom to write femslash, which is just really blasted sad because there are some excellent ladies and several of them even interact!) and with any luck they won't be too long. I hope. This is important because...

2.) Merlin: In addition to various kinkme_merlin prompts I am supposed to be working on, I am going to be trying some things for untold_legends, which is a rareships and gen fest (where "rare" is defined as and, unfortunately, pretty much is anything than The Most Popular Slash Pairing in both fictional- and real-person fanworks). Specifically (this is the accountability part of this entry):

  • Elena/Mithian, sci-fi AU, "androids and the girls who love them" [I saw the prompt and went I must write this, and it is currently my first priority. / Am I going to cram this into the free square as "au: space" on my [community profile] trope_bingo card? Why yes. Yes I am. Unless I decide to try a top-row bingo first and do it as "virginfic" instead, or find some other match.]

  • Arthur/Freya, historical or modern AU, "Arthur's a lonely, rich aristocrat. Freya's the gardener that takes care of his mother's roses/garden" [if I can figure out how to write Arthur/Freya without Merlin involved, I would very much like to try this one--something about it's been growing on me steadily ever since I saw it. I can't figure out whether I could do anything with it for trope_bingo or not, hrm. Theoretically it could apply to my "power dynamics" square but I'd really rather do something else for that. However, I am snagging it for "under the roses" in this prompt table.]

  • Freya/Gwaine, Beauty and the Beast AU [I didn't even bother prompting this one because I figured I was going to write it anyway, so. Also, hell yes, trope_bingo square already picked out, I am so glad they gave me "au: fairy tale/myth" so I didn't have to free-space it.]

  • Balinor/Hunith, any era, "They fight the same war in different ways." [*eyes trope_bingo card, gives up in confusion*]

Why in the world are so many of these het? *baffled squint* Did I just use up all my femslash and poly ideas on prompts? (I'm not too surprised by not having immediately picked out any of the m/m slash ones, just because I tend to have way more ideas about how to write Fic Involving Ladies than I do Fic Not Involving Ladies, and also out of a suspicion that fandom in general is going to be somewhat more interested in writing those.) That said, if I can find the time, I have been meaning to write some canon-AU Gwaine/Gwen/Lancelot for a while (see also: giant list of KMM prompts I mentioned earlier; trope_bingo square "reunion", etc.), so I may end up doing that.

Memo to self: ask emjayelle whether icons count as fanworks for the fest's purposes; possibly make some icon sets depending on how many icons of each ship I would have to make exist in order for it to be a qualifying fanwork!

Speaking of icons, I also need to start finish the icons I've offered people for [community profile] snowflake_challenge.

\o/ /o\ \o/ /o\

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