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Pan-Fandom Tinyships Commentfest

brought to you by [personal profile] nonisland & lady_ragnell

What is a tinyship?

Well, the really basic answer is that a tinyship is the term I ([personal profile] nonisland) use to talk about very rare ships--it's short and easy to type, like "rarepairs", but it doesn't have possible implications of "pairings only, no moresomes allowed".

The less basic answer, for the purposes of this commentfest, is thus: a tinyship is a ship that you really desperately want there to be more fic (or other types of fanworks) about. A tinyship is something that makes you bounce in glee (internally or externally) when you find works for it or someone else who ships it. A tinyship is a ship you really care about and fandom at large...really doesn't.

We're basically on the honor system here. I will not look at prompts and judge how strongly you ship the characters in question, and disallow it if it looks like a crackship, because I am not inside your brain. If you tinyship one character with more than one other (group of) character(s), that's also fine. I request that you only post prompts for ships you're serious about, just because people who are filling it are probably doing so because they understand how it feels to be aboard a tinyship themselves.

Pan-Fandom Tinyships Commentfest!
(for rare pairings and moresomes you really want to see more of, and
for giving people fics, fanart, and other things celebrating their ships)

For a slightly more elegant variant banner with text that matches the official fest title even less (which can be seen here),
use this code instead:

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The Rules

First and foremost, BE RESPECTFUL. If you don't like a ship, move on. Do not shipbash. Do not character-bash (would you say it about a character you liked? no? then don't say it about someone else). Play nice.

Leaving comments on fills is very strongly encouraged, because a lot of these fills are things done out of generosity and for a very narrow audience, so feedback=extra yay! If you, like me, are shy/experience social anxiety/in other ways are usually reluctant to leave feedback, anon commenting is on, and as a writer I personally have never been disappointed by comments saying--in their entirety--♥ (the HTML code for which is ♥ if you want it).

RPF is allowed. If it bothers you, don't read it.

The one thing I am going to request--and by "request" I mean "require"--that nobody write/draw/etc. is fills focusing on characters under the age of 18 having sex. (Mentioning minors having had sex=okay. Writing/drawing/etc. it=please don't.) This is for legal reasons.

How does this work?

Prompts and fills can be posted anon, logged-in, under OpenID, or any other way I'm forgetting. Here is a masterlist of both prompts and fills sorted by fandom(s).

Posting prompts

If you really just want anything at all for the ship, you can include multiple suggestions in one comment. If there are two or three different things you'd like to see, but those are the only things you'd like to see, I suggest leaving separate comments.

Prompts should be formatted thusly:
  • Subject line: (crossover:) fandom(s); ship; spoilers [see below]
  • Body: a prompt, if you have one; anything you particularly do not want to see, if there is anything you particularly don't want to see.
Spoilers, for both prompts and fills, are here being defined as information about books which have been out for fewer than six months, films which aren't on DVD yet, current seasons of TV shows, and comics (print and web-) less than a week old. [Definition of spoilers courtesy of penknife's advice on writing headers.] Because of the way prompts are being formatted, you may encounter effectively-unwarned character spoilers.

Please DO NOT direct-link to fanart prompts, link to the place where the artist posted it/where the artist is credited. Also please, please DO NOT embed images which are NSFW or contain things for which warnings are being requested [see instructions for posting fills]--link to them elsewhere. In general, linking to images/videos would be better than posting them directly, and it would be really excellent if you could provide a brief description of what it is you're linking to.

Posting fills (the technical bits)

Subject line of fills should have AT LEAST the fandom(s), the pairing, whether or not they are worksafe (if you'd like to give a more detailed rating, that's also fine), spoiler warnings if applicable, and some sort of numbering system if they're more than one comment long. A title would also be awesome!

Either your content notices/warnings [see below], if any apply, or a clear statement that you choose not to warn should be either in the subject line or at the beginning of the first part. Fills without proper warnings/indication of lack of warning will be screened as soon as they're brought to my attention, and I'll contact you about reposting. If there are side pairings, noting them would also be nice but is not required.

Multiple fills for the same prompt are not only allowed but encouraged!

Required Content Notices/Warnings: the mods of kinkme_merlin have generously allowed me to link to their list of required and suggested warnings (plus definitions), which I request you also use. (This fest has no connection with and is not endorsed by kinkme_merlin.) If you don't want to use the word "warnings", something like "contains" or "labels" is also fine. The masterlist of fills will either list the warnings that apply to a fic, or state that warnings were not given. If I've missed anything, please let me know.

If your fill is art, linking would be better if it contains no content which needs warnings and is safe for work (because some people are on dialup, etc.), and is required if it's not safe for work and/or needs warnings.

You can post elsewhere and link to your fill here, if you'd rather do it that way. If it's something people would be interested in, I'll set up a collection at the Archive of Our Own. There is no end date for either prompting or filling.

Filling prompts (the non-technical bits)

As completely excellent as it would be to discover fellow people aboard your tinyship here, most or all of the prompts that aren't yours are probably not going to be things you ship.
  1. Look at the prompts for canons you know.
  2. Are people asking for a pairing or moresome you don't not ship? Is it something you can write/draw/whatever?
  3. Post a fill! It doesn't have to be massive and complicated, but please make an effort, because this fest is basically running on "well, I know how it feels to have really rare ships, so I'm going to give other people shiny things for theirs."
You don't need to say you don't ship the pairing(/moresome), or that you prefer other ships for one or more of the characters involved. Really. Especially for the latter, please don't.

(This probably seems pretty self-evident, but I've occasionally found fanworks for some of my tinyships where the creator seemed to look down on the ship, and it harshed the squee of finding the fanwork in the first place.)

Also, since this is basically a ship celebration fest, unless the prompt specifically states otherwise, assume that people want the members of their ship to be together and at least reasonably content by the end of the fanwork (or in the fanwork if it's something like non-serial fanart).
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