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01 February 2010 @ 12:01 am
Content Notices (Warnings) Policy [backdated]  
(I use the term "content notices" because some things which may be triggering for some are kinks--either sexual or narrative--for others, which makes "warnings" a rather polarized term, and I've seen "content notices" or "contains" mentioned as a neutral alternative.)

I will attempt, on LJ and DW but not always on the AO3, to provide content notices for anything which seems to me something that people might want or need (or expect) content notices for.

The exceptions to this: I will not provide notices for anything which is indicated by the pairing(s)—i.e., at present, het/slash/femslash/poly—and I will not provide notices for anything which seems to me so integral to a canon or a specific character that it is inescapable without going AU (at present this is limited to general religious themes and references in Supernatural fic).
  • Note on the subject of incest: I will not provide notices just for a fully-consensual romantic and/or sexual relationship, indicated in the pairing field, between people who are related in canon and who remain related in the fic in question (i.e. it isn't an AU changing that aspect) if the fic does not mention that they're related. Some people, me included, read fics in fandoms they aren't familiar with the source of; this policy is partly designed with thoughts of that in mind. I will provide notices for all other incest-related content and discussion, including cases almost like the previous example given but where the characters are identified as related within the fic itself.

    It seems to me that this is a reasonable compromise which allows me to assume that my readers are intelligent and to be sensitive to their needs. However, I am neither triggered nor always squicked by incest, and if this is not as reasonable to others as it seems to me I'm very willing to revise my policy. If any of this is unclear, I apologize and will clarify if asked.

I will warn for spoilers for: current seasons of television shows (by first-known airing (US for US shows, UK for UK shows, etc)) until they're out on DVD or until the next season starts, whichever is sooner; books which have been out for less than six months; movies which are not yet out on DVD; current issues of comic books less than two weeks old.

If there is something that you need, want, or idly feel like knowing about any or all of my fics before you read it, ask me and I'll answer as soon as I see it. I understand triggers; I understand squicks; I understand not feeling like reading Theme X on a particular day. I do not consider any of those invalid reasons for wanting to know more about something before reading it.

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